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Created to preserve and protect the heritage of the bus industry by collecting and restoring vintage buses, as well as industry-related memorabilia, the “Bus Boys Collection”, a 501(c)3 non-profit, was formed by brothers Dan and Stan Holter in 2009.

The Holter family owns the Richfield Bus Company, Rochester City Lines, and Heartland Tours and Travel, operating local and nationwide charter service, commuter service, and tours. The successful family business was started by George and Marilyn Holter in 1959 when Dan and Stan were just boys. Having grown up in the bus business, the brothers developed a passion for preservation and a commitment to seek out and preserve their industry’s history.

The Collection’s over 100 vintage buses represent what is believed to be the largest collection of operable buses in North America, if not the world. A number of buses from the collection operate in our fleet today and have been used for special events and productions sharing the history with others.

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The Bus Boys hold various bus and motorcoach-related events including vintage bus rallies where The Bus Boys display their collection and talk to fellow bus nuts.


The Bus Boys bring legends of the road back to life with meticulous attention to detail in all our vintage buses.


Because the lifeblood of a museum is its volunteers, the Busboys Collection welcomes anyone, 18 years or older, who is interested in vintage buses or history, or is looking for place they can make a difference. Help us shape the future of history!

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The Bus Boys have a large collection of vintage bus parts available for purchase. If you need a part and don't see it in our store, or the part is listed out of stock, contact us and we may be able to help locate one.


The Bus Boys Collection has appeared in television, movies and even featured on album covers. These coaches become stars in their own right dominating the scenes they appear in with historical accuracy, style, and class.


The Stories

Neil fluit

Minnesota Barn Find

The Busboys had the privilege today of exploring one of its own home state barns finds hiding in plain sight, yet out of sight, right

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You can help the Busboys collection and make a difference!

The Busboys Collection is facing the COVID pandemic in a world turned upside down. Since 2009 the Holter Family, Richfield Bus Company and Rochester City Lines have provided the Busboys Collection with its necessary financial and logistical support. Because the once-thriving motorcoach industry that provided more than 600 million passenger trips annually has been decimated by COVID-19 with nearly 2 million motorcoach-related employees unemployed, the Busboys Collection needs your help. 

Unlike other modes of transportation, such as airlines, rail, and public transit, the charter and tour bus industry has not received direct economic relief to date, placing them in peril. Obviously, this severely impacts the Busboys Collection’s long-established funding sources. Right now, your donations provide critical support to our general fund to bridge the gap for basic upkeep, capital projects, and equipment restorations.


Board of Directors & Staff

The Busboys Collection is operated and supported by a strong, skilled staff and board of directors. With decades of experience in nonprofit management, historic preservation and the bus industry, they guide the organization’s long-standing mission to inform, connect, promote and preserve.

Dan Holter - President


As one of the original Busboys, Dan was swept into the bus industry when he was three years old, literally sweeping buses owned and operated by his parents, George and Marilyn Holter, the founder of Richfield Bus Company in Bloomington, MN. As Dan grew, so did his knowledge of and passion for the bus industry. Today, Dan is the president of the Busboys Collection, administering board meetings and working with the rest of the board and executive director to ensure that the organization’s mission is carried out, “to provide the public with a hands on experience to enjoy the history of transportation, keeping history alive for generations to come.” Dan’s all-time favorite bus is a 1949 REO Flying Cloud.

Stan Holter - Vice-President

Stan, like his brother Dan, is one of the original Busboys. He is the General Manager of Richfield Bus Company, which was started by his parents over 60 years ago. Originally a city transit service, Richfield Bus Company now provides nationwide charters and tours. For many years, he served as Superintendent of the Classic Bus Division of the Minnesota Transportation Museum. Stan is passionate about the preservation of the bus industry’s heritage. His inspiration to save the “old ghosts of the highway”, was a driving factor in the creation of the Busboys Collection. His vision for the organization is safeguarding the achievements of the past and accurately imparting that history to future generations


Clavonne Holter - Treasurer

Clovonne holter

Joining hands in marriage to Dan Holter in 1983, Clavonne’s life has been an adventure revolving around transportation and travel. She has accompanied Dan on countless excursions by bus, car or plane to places near and far for business or pleasure to view, purchase, sell or rescue buses. Along for the ride whenever possible were their five children.

For thirty years she has been an educator at home as well as an active musician in the Rochester area, performing in bands, pit orchestras and at her church. “I will sing to the Lord for He has been good to me.” Clavonne is proud of her Holter heritage and excited to share the Collection with the public.

CHRISTIAN Holter - M.B.A. - Secretary

Christian has grown up around buses. Some of his earliest and best family memories involve touring the United States, including all of the lower 48, in a converted 1964 GMC 4106 motorhome. Now serving as the Director of Operations for Rochester City Lines in Rochester, MN, Christian brings an active, current understanding of the private passenger transportation industry to the Busboys Collection. He seeks to benefit and connect future generations with the living history found within the Busboys Collection fleet. Christian also has a passion for evolving transportation technologies and personally enjoys multimodal travel experiences, the more modes the better.

Christian holter

Ross Gabrick - Executive Director

Ross gabrick

Ross has spent his professional career in the transportation industry. The management of planes, trains, trucks and buses has provided him this unique opportunity to be involved with our historic preservation efforts across the spectrum of transportation. He is keenly aware of the important role that vibrant non-profits play in the preservation of history and has been intimately involved at the executive level with several successful and sustainable non-profits. His love of all things bus related was fostered by his grandfather, a forty-five year driver for Minneapolis/St. Paul’s Metro Transit system and his Great Uncle

Robert Gabrick - Historian / Archivist

Bob is an Educator, Author, Historian and Archivist. Since 1962, he has been bringing History to secondary and post-secondary classrooms, focusing on American History. He has written scholarly works as well as numerous books and magazine articles, is a member of the Organization of American Historians, Society of Automotive Historians, and has been honored as a Historian of the Industry by the American Truck Historical Society. Currently, he is Official Archivist and Historian for the Four Wheel Drive Museum and an Adjunct Instructor at Wilmington University. Growing up riding Greyhound and Twin Cities Lines buses, he is passionate about the vital role the Busboys Collection plays in the preservation of the history of the bus industry.

Robert gabrick


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