The Busboys had the privilege today of exploring one of its own home state barns finds hiding in plain sight, yet out of sight, right in the heart of a typical residential neighborhood in one of Minnesota’s Southern rural towns. One would never guess driving thru this neighborhood what’s been hiding in plain sight for so many decades! This 1947 Flxible Clipper has been entombed for 47 years hiding behind a 13′ high wall, surrounded by other outbuildings and overhead coverings, within the compound-like setting amongst a vast collection of collectibles, other vehicles, and simple items considered junk that continued to pile up in and around this once vibrant transportation vehicle that was originally owned by SOUTHWESTERN STAGES, INC., of Mankato MN.
Though time and weather have taken their toll on this now-classic historical coach sitting under dilapidated coverings for more decades than it had been in service, as the Busboys are committed to, our goal is to extract it from its current setting to bring it home for preservation. Amazingly, other than missing a few seats we can replace, this coach still has almost all of its original equipment.
Given the magnitude of all the items collected over the years entombing this bus in place, (by the now-deceased owner with his passion for collecting) between the items that needed to be removed and massive fencing surrounding this bus to enable getting it out, it will be some time before it sees the true light of day before we can haul it home for its next lease on life.
Along with the current curators of the estate this classic bus currently resides with, we plan to do a documentary of the bus and its former beloved owner as this bus emerges from its tomb of 47 years as it’s transported off to its next home at the Busboys Collection Museum for preservation.

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