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The curtains have drawn on the captivating event that was The Little Log House Pioneer Village and Power Show, which concluded yesterday. As the sun sets on another successful edition, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to a group of exceptional volunteers who made it all possible. We would like to express our appreciation to Mike V., Mike B., Jim M., Ken A., Dave W., and Ken J. for their unwavering commitment. Today, our convoy of buses made its journey back, marking the end of this year’s showcase.

Every year, we meticulously curate a select few items from our extensive collection to present at this event. The scorching weather did little to deter the enthusiasm of both the participants and the attendees. The warmth in the air was matched by the warmth of the interactions we had, making it an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Our gratitude knows no bounds for our dedicated volunteers, whose selfless contributions pave the way for us to bring the history of our industries to the forefront. Their dedication enables us to paint a vivid picture of our past, sharing it with the wider community. As we reflect on the memories created and the knowledge exchanged, we look forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm, eager to continue this tradition of preserving and sharing our heritage.

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