The Little Log House Pioneer Village and Power Show 2023

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The curtains have drawn on the captivating event that was The Little Log House Pioneer Village and Power Show, which concluded yesterday. As the sun sets on another successful edition, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to a group of exceptional volunteers who made it all possible. We would like to express our appreciation to Mike […]

Behind the Scenes: Vintage Bus Takes Center Stage in 80’s-Inspired Film Production

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Title: “Behind the Scenes: Vintage Bus Takes Center Stage in 80’s-Inspired Film Production” In the heart of downtown Minneapolis, the Busboys have embarked on another exciting film production journey, this time gracing the set with one of our prized possessions from the Busboys Vintage Bus Collection. While we’re bound by confidentiality and can’t divulge all […]

Our 1971 Eagle Model 05 visits Northeast Luxury Coach

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Our recent addition to the Bus Boys Collection, an Eagle Model 05 went to visit our friends at Northeast Luxury Coach to get some TLC to prepare her for her movie debut and the trip back home to join the fleet family of classic coaches.  Northeast Luxury Coach is a family-run business. Their tradition of […]

1971 Eagle Model 05

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Though we’re deep into winter’s frigid time of year, the Busboys are still out and about making things happen.Captured here is our 1972 Eagle leaving for film production in NC, and our 1971 Eagle arriving as it newly joins our collection being delivered to our Minneapolis, MN location. Please Consider Donating To help preserve and […]

Minnesota Barn Find

The Busboys had the privilege today of exploring one of its own home state barns finds hiding in plain sight, yet out of sight, right in the heart of a typical residential neighborhood in one of Minnesota’s Southern rural towns. One would never guess driving thru this neighborhood what’s been hiding in plain sight for […]