The Busboys Story

Created to preserve and protect the heritage of the bus industry by collecting and restoring vintage buses, as well as industry related memorabilia, the “Busboys Collection”, a 501(c)3 non-profit, was formed by brothers Dan and Stan Holter in 2009.

The Holter family owns the Richfield Bus Company, Rochester City Lines, and Heartland Tours and Travel, operating local and nationwide charter service, commuter service, and tours. The successful family business was started by George and Marilyn Holter in 1959, when Dan and Stan were just boys. Having grown up in the bus business, the brothers developed a passion for preservation and a commitment to seek out and preserve their industry’s history.

The Collection’s over 100 vintage buses represent what is believed to be the largest collection of operable buses in North America, if not the world. A number of buses from the collection operate regularly in charter service for special events, as well as for movie and television productions. The organization regularly hosts or participates in large scale vintage bus shows throughout North America, giving the public an opportunity to personally experience these historic vehicles. Approximately 80 percent of the collection’s buses operate while the remainder are in various stages of restoration or will serve as donor buses for future restorations.

This organization is dedicated to expanding awareness of the history of the bus industry and to providing anyone interested in preserving the industry’s heritage, the opportunity to donate items, money, or to be a volunteer.

The “Busboys Collection” is a Minnesota 501(c)3 non-profit, ID # 880943300039

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