Evansville Rally Poster



The Busboys Collection will host a historic vintage bus rally at the newly restored former Greyhound Terminal in Evansville, Indiana. September 22, 23, 24 - 2017.

Dan & Stan Holter of the Busboys Collection are hosting this historic bus rally on site of the former Greyhound Terminal in recognition to this iconic landmark and to help promote the heritage of the bus industry. This rally will attract vintage buses from all over North America, as well as visitors worldwide to come view some of the rarest and unique vintage buses still operational, some never seen before by the general public. This Rally will be the largest gathering of vintage buses ever to be displayed in the U.S. for such a purpose, with the emphasis on 25 years old and older. The rally welcomes all vintage buses and converted motor homes alike regardless make or model, that were originally manufactured by a bus builder.


The agenda for this rally is primarily focused on gathering vintage buses together for public display, but will also host a variety of vendors selling industry related memorabilia, artifacts and other industry related products. The rally will also include vintage bus rides thru some of Evansville’s historic and prominent sights near the terminal. Visitors may participate in voting for their favorite buses, of which trophy’s will be awarded in multiple categories in recognition of the owners preservation efforts. The Rally will end with a bus parade thru the Evansville Downtown district with the longest parade ever of its kind.


The newly restored Greyhound Terminal is the result of an independent nonprofit organization (Indiana Landmarks) dedicated to preserving historic buildings. This beautifully restored building will house Indiana Landmark’s SW Regional office, and has leased the majority of its space to the new Bru Burger Bar which will be open to the public for both indoor & outdoor dining. Other food vendors will be on site as well as many local area restaurants near the rally for other choices. 


The Busboys have arranged discounted rates from local nearby Hotels as Host Hotels for the Rally accommodating those who prefer to stay near the rally site. More information for other lodging options, RV sites and Rally info may be obtained thru various venues offered by the Busboys thru the following links. Registration is required if you bring a bus. 


Don’t miss the bus, we’ll see you in Evansville!


Web Site: www.busboyscollection.org



Email: busboyscollection@gmail.com



Evansville CVB info: www.visitevansville.com



Facebook: Busboys https://www.facebook.com/155921891261205/photos/515030788683645/