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New & Used Engine Parts for Sale

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Call Stan, 612-369-1366 to order parts or use a screen shot, attach it and Email Us.

To do a screenshot from many cell phones: hold the volume down button and the power off button at the same time.
To do a screenshot from many computers: press the Print Screen button on your keyboard to copy to your clipboard.
You will need to open the Paint program to open it and save the file as a .jpg file, so you can attach it to an email.

Parts can be separated if you need just one part. Many parts of the same type are available.
If a part does not say, "new," then it is a used part.


Clutch Stop Solenoid

GMC clutch stop solenoid - GM 1119903 

Clutch Stop Solenoid GMC 1119903


vintage bus exhaust parts

Exhaust Manifold

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